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402 E Davenport St
1708 E College St
1710 E College St
314 W Benton St
1803 Muscatine Ave

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May 22, 2018

Buxton Properties is a group of houses available for rent in Iowa City.

Central to the University of Iowa campus and ideal for student groups, many of the houses are large with several bedrooms. Most are within easy walking distance of the campus and downtown Iowa City. Each house will be rented to a group or, if appropriate, a family, and there will be one lease.

General information and rental guides that remain the same for all properties can be found by clicking here.

Click on the addresses below for details about each house - number of bedrooms, rent, average utility charges, location maps, and photographs.

If you are interested in seeing a property, contact Jim Buxton at (319) 354-7262.

AVAILABLE 08/01/2018

3 BR House

314 W Benton St


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